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What is Sweat For A Cause?

Sweat For A Cause (SFAC) is a platform that empowers you to raise money for your favorite nonprofits by engaging friends in social online fitness challenges.

Not too long ago, the founders of SFAC realized that fundraising, exercising, and connecting with friends only happen together at organized events like marathons or triathalons. Driven by wildly entrepreneurial spirits, the team set out to create an online platform where these three great pursuits can be combined. With this crazy fun idea, Sweat For A Cause was born!

If you Sweat For A Cause, you believe that physical wellness and social well-being can work together to create personal and global change. Genius, right? We think so!

Why is Sweat For A Cause in Beta?

We've thoroughly tested our site, ironed out the kinks, and sprayed for bugs... but for now we're only available to early adopters.

Why, you ask?

Having a proactive group of nonprofits and users (we're calling you all "Sweaties") to Beta-test the site ensures that we add features and make changes based on feedback from real users. You pioneers will help determine the direction SFAC takes this point on!

If you are one of our early adopters and you find something that you think can be improved upon, drop us a note.

How it Works

I want to ...

Join a Fitness-Challenge Fundraiser

Select a Challenge

To get started, and browse upcoming fitness challenges on the Challenges page. Click the "Join" button to sign-up for the challenge.

  • Each challenge supports a nonprofit organization
Pick your Workouts

On the Challenge page, pick the workouts (maximum of 4) that you want to participate in.

  • Number of reps/miles/hours for each workout is preset
Make a Donation

On the Challenge page, click the "JOIN THE CHALLENGE" button to submit your goals. Your registration is complete after you make a small donation toward your cause on our Paypal page.

Now, Sweat For A Cause!

Once the Challenge begins get cranking on your workouts


Update your workout numbers and track your progress in the leaderboard


Boast about your progress on FB and "Trash Tweet" fellow competitors

  • Disclaimer: If you decide to "Trash Tweet" (and we hope you do), keep it in the spirit of friendly competition. Sweatie will not tolerate fitness-bullying!
Enough Talk, Start Sweating!

Create a Fitness-Challenge Fundraiser

Pick a Cause

and browse our list of available causes on the Causes page. Click the "Create A Challenge" button to go to the create-a-challenge form.

  • Don't see your organization in our list? Write to us to submit a cause
Create a Challenge

Give your Challenge a name and description. Pick the Cause, a start date, challenge duration & workouts. Make sure to "preview" the challenge before publishing.

  • Select from 4 start dates depending on the time you need to spread the word about your challenge
Invite Friends

Email! Tweet! Facebook! Release carrier pigeons! (aka all means necessary) Get competitors for your challenge!


Every participant makes a small donation toward your cause to register for your challenge

  • More challengers means more sweet moolah for the causes you sweat!

More Questions?

Visit our FAQ page or simply email us. We love chatting with all our Sweaties!



Head Honcho & Co-Founder

For years Ronak had a split-personality. He was a mild-mannered Engineer by day, who, as night fell, took off his thick-rimmed nerd glasses and put on his social activist cape to promote the cause of education in India. He also spends a lot of his spare time running. On one such run, he went off on a search to combine his passion and his expertise. When he came up with the idea for Sweat For A Cause, it excited his mind and energized his soul so much so that he decided to make a living out of it. Today Ronak leads us as our Fearless Leader while still managing to remain the stumbling, mumbling, head-scratching clown in the group.


Design Diva & Co-Founder

Reshma is a freak, design-wise, travel-wise, food-wise and otherwise. As a design freak, she is responsible for the Sweat For A Cause Design and front-end code and considers herself to be Sweatie's Mama. As a travel-freak she's been away from home so much her landlord thinks she has a double life. As a food-freak, she can be found buying strange ingredients seen on Chopped and experimenting on her helpless husband. Otherwise, she can often be found in intense discussion on topics ranging from the state of the global economy to Pete Sampras' running forehand.


Code Beast & Co-Founder

Corey struggles every day with whether his ridiculously obsessive personality makes or breaks him. It comes in handy when pounding out code all day long. It does not come in handy when he wants to ski the steepest line, travel to the most remote place, take a photo of the simplest thing, ride his Vespa like the European he thinks he is, build something out of wood in his basement, and eat buffalo chicken all at the same time. He's still trying to figure out how to make it all work and will probably launch an app someday that solves his problem.


Strategy Sensai

Rohit comes to fitness incidentally, as a means to ensure he stays standing long enough to clobber his opponents at whatever racket sport he is playing that day. When not designing processors as a computer engineer, he can be found either hiding behind a book, gulping beer at a frightful pace or trying not to break his neck on his hot new motorcycle. His contribution to Sweat For A Cause is something the rest of the team is still wondering about... but we know it when we see it!


Idea Monger

Kevin estimates that he gets a (self-described) amazing business idea about 3.5 times a day. In fact, one of his most recent ideas was to write a book called "101 World-Changing Ideas and You Can Have Them for Free... You're Welcome!" Kevin expects Sweat For A Cause to be a household name by tomorrow morning. He considers himself to be a reluctant runner but is proud to say that he finished his first half-marathon last May. When not exercising his mind and disciplining his body, Kevin can be found with his camera around his neck exercising his passion for the still image.


Amazing Sweaties

Thats right, you've been recruited! We're relying on all of you energetic fundraisers to spread the word about Sweat For a Cause. Our team (including Sweatie) is banking on people like you to cajole, encourage, threaten, blackmail your friends, colleagues, family, frenemies to participate in your challenges so they can get fit, and you can raise some serious moolah for the cause you care about. So welcome to the team, and GET TO WORK!

Meet your fellow Sweaties!


Join a Challenge

Where does my donation go?

Beyond physical fitness and fundraising (we really want to coin the term fitraising.. can that catch on please?) SFAC believes in putting your needs ahead of our own.

We feel that SFAC offers a unique service to donors and nonprofits alike, but don't want to charge an exorbitant transaction fee for it. This is to ensure that the vast majority of your donation goes to the cause that is supported by the challenge.

In that spirit, only 10% of your donation will go to cover administrative costs, which means 90 cents out of every dollar donated will go straight to the cause.

Can I participate in more than one challenge at a time?

Absolutely! Participate in as many challenges as you physically can, but please consult your doctor before you pull something!

If I am participating in two challenges at the same time, can I log one workout toward both goals?

We hope you are able to workout for each challenge individually. If you're signed up to do pushups for 2 challenges running at the same time, try to log each pushup that you do toward only one of the challenge goals. This means that you will have to double your pushup count for the duration of the concurrent challenges. It also means that you will have that perfect beach body in half the time.

How long does a challenge last?

A challenge can be 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks long. Make sure that you check the duration before you sign up. Sweatie doesn't want you to be taken by surprise and then complaining that his challenges are too short or too long for your liking.

When will the nonprofit receive my donation?

The nonprofit organization will receive the total donation amount raised from a particular challenge in the form of a check within 15 days from the time the challenge is completed.

Can I do more than the minimum workout goal for a challenge?

Yes. It's a workout "Challenge". If you aren't challenged by the minimum goals, feel free to do more and log your workouts past the goal. The more you "Sweat", the higher you get ranked on the leaderboard and the more you can showoff to other challengers.

I can't seem to be able to sign up for a challenge. Why's that?

It's either because you are not logged in to your Sweat For A Cause account or the challenge has ended. Getting past the first one is easy - just or for a new account if you don't already have one. As for the second hurdle, don't fret... you can take your talents (and support) to one of the Upcoming Challenges or Create A Challenge of your own.

Support A Challenge

Can I donate to a cause on SFAC?

Yes you can! As much as we want you to "Sweat" to support our partner causes, we realize that it may not always be possible. So we've added a feature which allows you to simply donate to a cause to support the efforts of others who're participating in a fitness challenge. Simply go to the Challenge page, enter your donation amount and click the "Support The Challenge" button to make your donation.

Where does my donation go?

90 cents out of every dollar donated will go straight to the cause, while only 10% of your donation will go to cover administrative costs.

Challenge Creators

Can I start a Challenge on SFAC?

Of course! Anyone can start a challenge on SFAC for any nonprofit (as long as the nonprofit is a certified 501c(3) organization). All you have to do to get started is go to Create A Challenge.

I can't find a challenge that I want to participate in... what should I do?

Reread question 1 one more time (slowly this time) and then start your own challenge!

Why can't I create a challenge starting tomorrow?

We want you to have enough time to publicize your challenge and ensure that challengers have enough time to signup and "warm-up" for it. For that reason the earliest start date (first Monday) is set up to be 72 hours from the current date. Once you've created your challenge, use FB, Twitter, Email or even a broomstick to beat people into joining the challenge and supporting your favorite cause.

When will the nonprofit receive the funds raised from a challenge?

The nonprofit organization will receive the total donation amount raised from a particular challenge in the form of a check within 15 days from the time the challenge is completed.

Charitable Causes

I know of a great nonprofit organization... how can I get it listed on SFAC?

While in Beta mode, SFAC is vigilantly auditing each nonprofit organization prior to adding it to our database. If you would like to have your organization listed on our website, please go to our Contact page and send us the following details:
Nonprofile Name & Employee ID Number (EIN)
Contact Person Name
Contact Person Phone number
Contact Person EMail

Following a successful review we will inform you via email and have your "cause" listed on our website so you can start creating challenges and Sweating for your Cause.

Can a nonprofit have multiple challenges running at the same time?

Yes. Each challenge is an independent event, a fundraiser in itself. Different individuals (including people working at a nonprofit) can create and run independent challenges for a given nonprofit.


What's in store for SFAC?

Wooo Nelly... lots of exciting things in store. Maybe even an online store! We know that you think our pudgy penguin mascot Sweatie is super cute... he keeps telling us about it in the office and it is getting kinda awkward. So we hope to have some sweet, Sweatie inspired gear (think hip sweatbands and performance tees) available to ya'll soon.

We also plan on launching a SFAC app for your fancy smart phones so you can Sweat For A Cause on the go. Finally, we're also scheming a way that all you Sweaties out there can earn Sweatie Bucks for each challenge you complete. Fundraising, getting fit, and winning schwag all in one? Sounds like a classic "Win, win, win"!

There's much, much more to come but we don't want to ruin all the surprises.

Wow, I love SFAC and I have some mad skills to share with your team. Are you hiring?

We expect to grow, but for now we're trying to stay as lean as possible (pun intended). That said, we'd love to meet talented people! If you decide to send us your resume, please send us a brief letter telling us about yourself and what talents you'd like to share with us. Brownie points will be given to humorous yet heartfelt letters. Brownie points will also be given to those who send actual brownies.

I'm still confused?!

No Sweat... Email us here with your questions. We will get back to you in a jiffy!