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Steven Ambrose Wesel

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Past Challenges

Challenge Cause Goals Goals Met?
Work that Core!Michael Carter Lisnow Respite CenterPushups: 350 reps
Situps: 600 reps
I'm A Champ!
359.87% completed
4 Weeks to Beat the Heat!Project Nanhi KaliPushups: 400 reps
Situps: 1000 reps
Run: 50 miles
I'm A Champ!
728.1% completed
7000 Burpees ChallengeYou! (Free Challenge)Burpees: 140 reps
I'm A Champ!
100% completed
Last Gasp of WinterBoston Medical CenterPushups: 420 reps
Situps: 750 reps
Run: 30 miles
Squats: 500 reps
I'm A Champ!
247.01% completed
DC or Bust!Benjamin Banneker Charter Public SchoolPushups: 300 reps
Situps: 500 reps
Run: 20 miles
Squats: 300 reps
I'm A Wimp!
0% completed
THIS IS SPARTA!Boston Medical CenterPushups: 300 reps
Run: 30 miles
Burpees: 300 reps
Strength: 90 minutes
I'm A Champ!
101.32% completed