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Kathryn Lemm

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Past Challenges

Challenge Cause Goals Goals Met?
4 Weeks to Beat the Heat!Project Nanhi KaliPushups: 400 reps
Situps: 1000 reps
Run: 50 miles
I'm A Wimp!
132.44% completed
Life is GOOOOOOODThe Life is good PlaymakersSitups: 551 reps
Run: 25 miles
I'm A Champ!
153.58% completed
Dwinding DaylightProject Nanhi KaliSitups: 800 reps
Run: 32 miles
I'm A Wimp!
117.04% completed
Trim Back the TrimmingsBoston Medical CenterSitups: 700 reps
Run: 20 miles
Squats: 600 reps
I'm A Champ!
185.18% completed
Winter BlitzBoston Medical CenterSitups: 750 reps
Run: 27 miles
Squats: 630 reps
I'm A Champ!
143.29% completed
Get Fit for Floating!Ace Bailey Children's FoundationSitups: 420 reps
Run: 30 miles
Squats: 300 reps
I'm A Champ!
164.79% completed
Last Gasp of WinterBoston Medical CenterPushups: 420 reps
Situps: 750 reps
Run: 30 miles
Squats: 500 reps
I'm A Wimp!
98.34% completed
DC or Bust!Benjamin Banneker Charter Public SchoolSitups: 500 reps
Run: 20 miles
Squats: 300 reps
I'm A Champ!
192.83% completed
Pre-Holiday Gut BustProject Nanhi KaliSitups: 500 reps
Run: 21 miles
Squats: 150 reps
I'm A Champ!
173.38% completed
The Cookie CrusherBenjamin Banneker Charter Public SchoolSitups: 301 reps
Run: 18 miles
Squats: 153 reps
I'm A Champ!
140.17% completed
Winter WarmerThe One FundSitups: 300 reps
Run: 24 miles
Squats: 200 reps
I'm A Champ!
144.79% completed
Get Tough for TuftsTufts Medical CenterSitups: 630 reps
Walk: 30 miles
I'm A Champ!
103.65% completed
3,000 in 30 (ok, 28) daysThe One FundStrength: 3000 minutes
I'm A Wimp!
97.13% completed