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kath skerry

I like to run and since I just started I guess that's a good thing. Yay the nice weather is back and I'm back to running!!!! Unfortunately it's like starting over.

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Challenge Cause Goals Goals Met?
Valentine Week SweatYou! (Free Challenge)Situps: 300 reps
Squats: 150 reps
Dips: 300 reps
I'm A Champ!
124.44% completed
Fitness FebruaryYou! (Free Challenge)Situps: 630 reps
Burpees: 420 reps
Squats: 420 reps
Dips: 630 reps
I'm A Wimp!
64.43% completed
Sweat For BostonThe One FundPushups: 262 reps
Situps: 262 reps
Run: 26.2 miles
I'm A Champ!
102.54% completed
Training for a Half MarathonMerrimack Valley YMCAPushups: 320 reps
Situps: 480 reps
Run: 214.1 miles
Squats: 480 reps
I'm A Wimp!
9.78% completed