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Stephen Ives

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Past Challenges

Challenge Cause Goals Goals Met?
Burn Baby Burn!Merrimack Valley YMCAPushups: 600 reps
Run: 45 miles
I'm A Champ!
121.11% completed
Spring Break ChallengeMerrimack Valley YMCAPushups: 320 reps
Situps: 450 reps
Run: 30 miles
Squats: 320 reps
I'm A Champ!
108.48% completed
2-Week MarathonMerrimack Valley YMCASitups: 420 reps
Run: 26.2 miles
I'm A Wimp!
75.45% completed
Back to the basicsMerrimack Valley YMCAPushups: 600 reps
Situps: 700 reps
Run: 42 miles
Squats: 500 reps
I'm A Wimp!
24.29% completed