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Elizabeth Dias

Love to run, set new goals for myself and I love a challenge!

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Past Challenges

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Get Fit for Floating!Ace Bailey Children's FoundationSitups: 420 reps
Run: 30 miles
Squats: 300 reps
I'm A Champ!
142.94% completed
Sweatie turns 1You! (Free Challenge)Situps: 840 reps
Run: 56 miles
Burpees: 560 reps
Smoothies: 25 glasses
I'm A Wimp!
29.13% completed
Situps, Run, Smoothies and FunYou! (Free Challenge)Situps: 720 reps
Run: 50 miles
Smoothies: 12 glasses
I'm A Wimp!
87.25% completed